Workplace injuries involving the head have serious outcomes

Falling, or even just the belief that one is about to fall, can cause an immediate feeling of panic. In some cases, individuals are able to steady themselves and give a relieved chuckle that the situation did not prove worse. On the other hand, workers in North Carolina and across the country carrying out duties at height could easily suffer serious workplace injuries in the event that a fall occurs.

It was recently reported that such a terrifying event befell a worker in another state. It was unclear what the worker was exactly doing at the time of the incident, but reports stated that the person was working on the roof of a middle school. The worker fell approximately 25 feet, but it was unclear at the time of the report what may have caused him or her to fall.

The individual suffered an injury to the head that was considered serious. Emergency personnel were called to the scene. No other workers or individuals on the premises were injured in the incident. At the time of the report, the accident was under investigation by multiple agencies to determine what may have caused the worker to fall.

A serious head injury could have numerous repercussions. Aside from the physical damage, cognitive issues could also result. These types of outcomes could easily cause a worker to need extended time off work if he or she is able to return to the previous position at all. Fortunately, when workplace injuries occur, negatively impacted North Carolina workers may have the ability to obtain financial benefits through workers’ compensation.


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