Person injured at work by falling sheet of glass

Building materials can often present a number of dangers. Some objects may be sharp or heavy, and others may have a risk of breaking and becoming more dangerous. Unfortunately, materials are often involved in accidents that lead individuals to be injured at work.

North Carolina readers may be interested in an injury-causing accident that took place in another state. Reports stated that a construction crew were working to replace windows at a high school when one of the workers was injured by some of the materials they were using. Apparently, a sheet of glass fell and landed on a worker. It was unclear what may have caused the glass to fall. It was not mentioned whether any other workers were injured in the incident.

Details regarding the worker’s injuries were not given in the report, but it was mentioned that a medical helicopter came to the scene. The report did not state the worker’s age or any identifying information. The incident was still under investigation at the time of the report, and more information may be disclosed after the investigation concludes.

Being injured at work can be a frightening experience as well as harmful one. When this happens to North Carolina workers, they may not know where to turn for help. When it comes to financial assistance, individuals may want to gain information on workers’ compensation. Of course, to obtain these benefits, parties must qualify and apply for assistance. The process is not always easy, and individuals may wish to enlist legal help.

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