Pickup truck causes worker to be injured on the job

Work-related injuries can happen in any manner of ways. Even everyday equipment, like a vehicle, that seems safe can present hazards and possibly even cause an accident. If a person does become injured on the job, it may be in his or her best interests to find out information about workers’ compensation.

North Carolina readers may be interested in an injury-causing event that took place in another state. Reports indicated that a crew with a tree service was grinding a stump at a residence before the accident took place. Apparently, the crew had parked a pickup truck on the street, which had a trailer attached for the stump grinder. While attempting to load the grinder onto the trailer, the truck came out of gear and began rolling down the hill.

One of the workers attempted to get in the vehicle as it moved in order to stop it, but he was unsuccessful and suffered injuries. The pickup then crashed into an unoccupied police vehicle, which was pushed into the yard of another residence and crashed into the porch of the home. The worker was taken to the hospital to be treated for undisclosed injuries, and the report did not state whether anyone else was injured in the incident.

Being injured on the job can cause a number of issues. When this type of incident occurs, it may be in any injured North Carolina worker’s best interests to determine whether he or she may qualify for workers’ compensation. These financial benefits may help with medical expenses and lost wages if applicable.

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