Workplace injuries occur after worker falls through roof

Many North Carolina residents go to work and have to perform their functions on rooftops or other high places. Some people, especially those who work in construction, often do not think much about climbing ladders or utilizing other tools to reach the areas where they need to work. Of course, when working at height, serious workplace injuries could result if a worker falls.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state ended up in such a situation. Apparently, the man had been working on top of a roof when he fell through it. The report did not state what exact work the man was carrying out or if there were other individuals on the roof at the time of the incident. It was also unclear what may have contributed to his falling.

The man landed more than 40 feet below, and he suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident. Fortunately, it did not appear that the injuries were life-threatening. The man’s age and other identifying information were not given in the report. Additional information may become available as the incident is likely still under investigation.

When workplace injuries occur, many questions may cross the minds of the injured parties. They may worry about their recovery and how they will be able to provide for their families while they are unable to work. Fortunately, when it comes to medical expenses and lost income, workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help. Of course, there are multiple steps involved in working toward obtaining this type of financial assistance, and it may be wise for North Carolina workers to consider legal help with the process.

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