Machinery accidents can easily cause workplace injuries

Many jobs in North Carolina and elsewhere utilize certain equipment in order to complete the tasks associated with the work. In many cases, proper training and maintenance can make sure that the equipment and machinery remain functioning properly and reduce user error that could lead to accidents. Still, not every accident is avoidable, and individuals could suffer serious workplace injuries.

An on-the-job accident involving a crane recently took place in another state. According to reports, a 35-year-old worker was operating the crane and apparently moving a load of materials. During this task, the load shifted, and the crane turned over as a result. Additional information on the accident itself was not given in the report, but it noted that the event was still under investigation.

The crane operator suffered injuries to his lower extremities, and one person at the scene believed that the man’s leg had been broken. The worker was taken from the scene to be treated for serious injuries. Details regarding his exact condition were not provided. No other individuals were injured as a result of this incident.

A broken leg or broken bone of any type can easily cause a person to have to take a leave of absence from work. Without the ability to conduct their necessary duties, the injured worker may lose out not much needed pay. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can often help with the financial needs that result from workplace injuries. If North Carolina workers have found themselves in this type of predicament, they may want to make sure that they understand their possible workers’ comp options.

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