North Carolina worker seriously injured in construction accident

Falls are among the most common types of injury-causing incidents that happen on construction sites. This may not come as much surprise as these workers often have to work on ladders, scaffolding and unfinished floors of buildings that are several stories tall. Unfortunately, a construction accident that involves a fall can often lead to serious injuries for the individual or individuals involved.

It was recently reported that one North Carolina worker was injured in such an event. The individual had been in a building that was under construction when the person fell approximately eight feet. It was unclear what may have caused the fall. The report stated that the accident took place on the fifth floor, but it was unclear whether the worker may have fallen from another floor.

Emergency crews were called to the scene, and the person had to be placed on a stretcher and then lowered to the ground. Reports stated that the rescue endeavor took nearly an hour. Details regarding the injuries the worker suffered were not given in the report, but it was noted that they were potentially life-threatening.

When a construction accident leads to such severe injuries, affected parties need to focus on their recovery. Of course, doing so can be difficult when other issues start to present themselves, like mounting medical expenses and the worry that comes from lost wages due to missing work. Fortunately, this North Carolina worker and others in similar situations may qualify for workers’ compensation that could help address the financial hardships that result from work-related accidents.

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