Tearing down wall leads to man suffering work-related injury

While at work, any area of the body could be injured in an accident. Falls could lead to head, back or limb trauma, and incidents involving machinery or materials could also cause serious harm to any part of the body. Unfortunately, accidents are not always avoidable, and suffering a work-related injury could easily cause a North Carolina worker or those elsewhere to face various challenges.

It was recently reported that a construction accident in another state led to the injury of one person. Reports indicated that the man was working to tear down a wall inside a tower building when he was injured. The wall was apparently made of sheetrock and plywood, but it was not clear what exactly happened to cause his injury.

It was noted that the injury affected the man’s leg. A representative for the fire department stated that the injuries were not considered life-threatening. The man was taken to an area hospital for treatment. No identifying information for the worker was provided in the report.

Construction projects are common scenes of on-the-job accidents, but anyone could suffer a work-related injury. If North Carolina workers have found themselves hurt due to an accident while working, they may need medical attention and time off. If so, they may also want to make sure they understand their workers’ compensation options. These benefits can often provide assistance to qualifying parties. There are important steps to take to apply for workers’ comp, and experienced attorneys can help interested parties through the process.

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