Construction accident can easily lead to multiple injuries

Working in construction allows numerous individuals in North Carolina to make their livings. Of course, the job often changes from day to day, and new hazards can quickly present themselves. Unfortunately, many injuries can result from a construction accident that takes place due to machinery malfunctions, structure collapses and various other scenarios.

It was recently reported that two individuals in another state were injured in this type of accident. Apparently, the parties were working to demolish a building when a wall collapse occurred. One of the workers was on the roof and was removing concrete, and as a result of the collapse, he fell from the roof to the floor below, which was reported as being 12 feet down. It was unclear how the second worker was involved.

The first worker had to be rescued by emergency crews and lowered to the ground. It was unclear what types of injuries he may have suffered, but it was noted that he was expected to survive the incident. The second worker was reported as having suffered only minor injuries, and he was transported to a hospital for an evaluation. It is likely that the incident is still under investigation.

Unfortunately, workers can’t always plan for every scenario that may occur on a work site. Because of this, it is easy for an unexpected construction accident to take place. If North Carolina workers suffer injuries in such an event, it can be devastating and frustrating. They may worry about their finances during this difficult time, and it may prove wise for them to gain information on their options for pursuing workers’ compensation benefits.

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