Industrial accidents typically result in serious injuries

No one leaves for their job and thinks that he or she will be involved in a serious work-related accident. Unfortunately, unsuspecting workers in North Carolina and elsewhere often end up in this type of predicament. Industrial accidents can lead to a number of unpredicted outcomes, and it is common for workers to need time to recover from injuries suffered.

Two workers in another state will certainly want to consider their recovery options and avenues for financial assistance after recently being injured. Reports stated that the accident took place at a metal fabrication plant and involved an explosion. At the time of the report, it was believed that the explosion and resulting fire took place in a dust collector. One worker stated that he was in his vehicle waiting for the shift change when the incident occurred and stated that debris came down on vehicles.

It was unclear how many workers may have been inside the plant at the time of the incident, but only two were injured. The report stated that they suffered serious burns and other undisclosed injuries. They were both transported to the hospital for treatment. Their ages and other identifying information were not given in the report.

Industrial accidents are typically serious events, and when injuries occur, many people may need information on how to properly handle the situation. In particular, injured workers may find it in their best interests to learn more about their workers’ compensation benefits options. Qualifying workers may apply for these benefits in hopes of obtaining financial assistance after a work-related accident. Of course, it can be challenging to receive the help, and speaking with North Carolina attorneys may be wise.

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