Several suffer workplace injuries after explosion

Numerous people are employed, and as a result, numerous people are also at risk of suffering illness or injury because of their jobs. It is not always a guarantee that someone will make it home safely, and some jobs, like those in industrial plants or on construction sites, can pose more risks than other positions. In any case, if a person suffers workplace injuries, they may need financial help on top of medical assistance.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a serious work-related accident that took place in another state. Reports indicated that an explosion occurred at a water reclamation plant, and the incident caused the roof of the building to collapse. As a result, 10 people suffered injuries, and at least two workers were trapped inside.

Emergency crews came to the scene and were able to extricate one of the workers in approximately 20 minutes. The second rescue was more intricate as rescuers had to dig six feet down before tunneling 20 feet to the trapped worker’s location. He had a beam on top of his leg, and in all, it took crews over two hours to rescue the worker. The injured workers were each taken to a hospital to receive medical attention.

Workplace injuries, even those resulting from the same event, can vary in severity. Still, any worker could face impacts that make it difficult or impossible for him or her to return to work right away. In these instances, North Carolina workers may need financial assistance to address medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can often help meet this need for qualifying individuals.

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