Gas main fire leaves one worker with workplace injuries

Lives can change in an instant due to work-related accidents. Even if individuals try to protect themselves as best as possible, they may still suffer workplace injuries that can have considerable impacts on their lives. In a situation that does involve injuries, it is hoped that the workers would be able to recovery quickly and effectively. Of course, each injury is different, and recovery outcomes cannot always be predicted.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a work-related accident that recently occurred out of state. According to reports, a construction crew was attempting to repair a water line when a fire erupted. The fire apparently happened because a gas main was hit during the course of their repair duties. It was unclear exactly how the incident occurred, and it was still under investigation at the time of the report.

It was noted that the fire burned for approximately two hours before the gas main was cut off. It was unclear how many people were on the construction crew, but only one worker suffered injuries in the incident. That person was taken to an area hospital for undisclosed injuries, but it was reported that the injuries were not considered life threatening.

Even injuries that are not life threatening can still take a tremendous toll on an injured worker. When it comes to finances, individuals in this type of situation could easily lose wages because they need time off work to recover, and they will also have to deal with the medical bills associated with their treatment. Fortunately, workplace injuries often qualify parties for workers’ compensation benefits, which can often help injured North Carolina workers address their financial concerns after an accident.

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