Industrial accidents: North Carolina worker dies from head trauma

Though fatal accidents can happen seemingly out of nowhere, most people hope that they and their loved ones avoid being involved in such incidents. Unfortunately, many individuals receive news that loved ones have been killed in accidents, and some of those events may have been work related. Industrial accidents can happen in an instant, and just as suddenly, lives could be lost.

A recent accident resulted in the death of a North Carolina worker. Reports stated that the 55-year-old man was working in an industrial plant when he was fatally injured. Apparently, he had been working to repair a conveyor belt when an object hit him in the head. He then somehow became trapped in the machine, and emergency crews were called to the scene.

Unfortunately, the man succumbed to the injuries he suffered, and medical personnel declared the man dead at the accident site. The man had worked for the company for approximately a decade before the fatal event. At the time of the report, multiple investigations were open into the incident, including from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The report also noted that the company for which the man worked had been cited for safety violations in the past.

When industrial accidents claim the lives of workers, many people can feel the negative repercussions. The family of this North Carolina worker are undoubtedly heartbroken over these events, and the struggles they will contend with in the near future may seem overwhelming. When it comes to addressing financial hardships resulting from the fatal incident, they may be able to find help through workers’ compensation.

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