Workers’ compensation: North Carolina workers killed out of state

Vehicles pose a substantial threat to anyone. Other drivers, pedestrians and even people working close to roadways are all at risk of suffering injuries in the event of a car accident. Unfortunately, workers commonly suffer fatal injuries in such incidents, and family members are often left to look for answers, including to questions about workers’ compensation.

Two workers from North Carolina and a third worker were killed in a recent accident that took place out of state. The three individuals were working to restore power to areas affected by Hurricane Michael. They were in a ditch close to a roadway working on power poles, and while doing this, the driver of a pickup truck drove onto the shoulder of the road and hit the three workers.

The driver of the vehicle left the scene on foot, but authorities were able to apprehend him. He is currently facing charges for DUI manslaughter and felony vehicular homicide as well as leaving the scene of an accident. The workers killed in this incident were reported as being 22, 52 and 60 years old.

Though sudden accidents could affect anyone, it is still devastating for families to learn that their loved ones have been killed. Often, work-related accidents can cause a number of struggles for surviving families, especially due to lost income. Struggling to make ends meet may only add to the difficulties the aftermath of such events can present, but fortunately, qualifying individuals may be able to obtain survivors’ benefits through workers’ compensation. Speaking with North Carolina attorneys may help individuals determine whether they could pursue financial assistance.

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