Construction accident results in tractor falling 12 feet

Construction projects often present a number of hazards, and many of those hazards may not be immediately noticeable. In fact, a serious construction accident could take place before anyone even realizes that something has gone wrong. It is also common for such incidents to result in workers suffering injuries.

North Carolina readers may be interested in such an accident that recently took place out of state. According to reports, a construction worker was using a tractor to move dirt into the basement portion of the structure being built. While doing so, the weight of the tractor shifted, which caused the equipment to fall into the basement area. The fall was reported as being 12 feet. The worker was still inside the tractor when it fell.

The man was wearing a harness while inside the equipment, and emergency crews got him out of the tractor after arriving on the scene. Details on any injuries the man suffered were not given in the report. It was noted that he was transported to an area hospital and was considered to be in stable condition. No identifying information for the victim was given.

Though working in construction is a rewarding job, it is also one of the more dangerous professions. Many North Carolina residents may find themselves involved in a construction accident that causes them to suffer serious injuries. Unfortunately, these common events can lead to a number of financial struggles, and negatively affected parties may find themselves in need of assistance. Fortunately, workers’ compensation may be able to help qualifying parties with financial hardships resulting from work-related accidents.

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