Work-related injury occurs after man falls from truck trailer

Some workers may carry out actions relating to their jobs without fully thinking them through. Workers may also take action that has not been properly cleared as safe, though no specific rule against it may exist. In either case, it is not uncommon for a work-related injury to occur due to a simple lapse in judgment while on the job.

North Carolina readers may be interested in an incident in another state that resulted in one worker suffering a serious injury. According to reports, the man worked for a paving company and was riding in the back of a trailer when the incident occurred. Apparently, the man fell from the trailer as it and the truck it was attached to moved along the road. Another worker was also riding in the trailer, but he did not fall off.

The worker who fell hit his head and had to be taken from the scene by a medical helicopter. The report stated that his injury was considered life-threatening. Identifying details were not given, but it was mentioned that the worker was in his 40s. The accident was being investigated by local authorities and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

A work-related injury can change a person’s life in an instant. One moment he or she may be having a relatively normal day, and the next, a life could hang in the balance. If North Carolina workers end up in this type of predicament, filing a claim for workers’ compensation may be warranted. Awarded benefits could help them with medical bills, lost wages and other financial damages resulting from the incident.

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