Workplace injuries result from natural gas explosion

When a work-related accident involves fire, it is common for serious injuries to take place. Burns can cause significant setbacks, often with excruciating pain and suffering. North Carolina residents who have suffered workplace injuries due to fires or explosions on the job may find themselves facing a number of financial hardships as well, and workers’ compensation may be able to help.

It was recently reported that a work-related explosion took place in a nearby state. According to reports, a man was working on a natural gas line and trying to get air out of the line in order to have 100 percent gas. However, something sparked a fire, which resulted in an explosion that rose 15 to 20 feet that caused the worker to suffer serious injuries.

The worker was transported by air to an area hospital in order to receive treatment. His age was not given in the report. It was also not mentioned whether any other workers were around at the time of the explosion. A witness called emergency services, who arrived at the scene quickly. Additional information on the man’s condition may be released at a later time.

Serious workplace injuries can mean a number of hardships for workers. Unfortunately, workers suffer injuries every day, and they often need a considerable amount of assistance in recovering. When it comes to addressing the financial struggles that can result from an on-the-job accident, North Carolina workers may need information on and assistance with applying for workers’ compensation. These benefits can often cover certain financial hardships for qualifying workers who have suffered in a work-related accident.

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