Man suffers work-related injury while in a 40-foot shaft

Many people may not enjoy working in confined spaces because they feel uncomfortable and want more space to maneuver. What some individuals may not know is that working in confined spaces can also be dangerous. A sudden accident could lead to a serious work-related injury, and in some cases, a worker may also need to be rescued from a small space.

It was recently reported that this type of incident occurred on a North Carolina work site. Apparently, the worker was down in a 40-foot-deep shaft working on a wastewater project. While in the hole, a piece of equipment fell and struck the man, resulting in an injury to his leg. Presumably, he was unable to get out of the shaft, and emergency crews were called to the scene.

Firefighters lowered a backboard into the hole, and they were able to pull him out after he was strapped to the backboard. He was taken to an area hospital by ambulance with serious injuries. It did not appear that any other workers were involved in the accident. Details on what type of equipment fell or what caused it to fall and injure the worker were not given in the report.

The worker injured in this North Carolina accident undoubtedly has many concerns. First, he certainly wants to ensure that he recovers well from the work-related injury, but he likely also has worries about the financial impacts the situation will have on him and his family. Fortunately, he may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits that could help address medical expenses, lost income and other financial difficulties resulting from the accident.

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