Moving parts on machines can lead to major injuries

Machines with moving parts are a big hazard in the workplace. All employees who work around this type of equipment must be properly trained on how to use them. Some individuals might think that employers can pass this duty on to the employees by handing them the manual and expecting them to learn on their own. This isn’t the case because the employees have to be trained on safety and usage.

There are many things that can lead to troubles when workers are using these machines. The safety procedures have to start before the person even approaches the equipment. The protocol should be established and clearly conveyed to all workers so that there is a culture of safety in the workplace.

Wearing the right clothing

All employees who are going to work around moving parts should have clothing that isn’t baggy when they are by the machine. Nothing that hangs down like necklaces, ties, long ponytails or braids, or scarves should be permitted. Taking a look at where the moving parts are located might help to determine exactly what needs to be addressed regarding attire.

Noting the hazards

There are many hazards with machinery, all of which are determined by the type of machine. Any area of the equipment that moves, including transversing, reciprocating, rotating, cutting, punching, sheering or bending can spell trouble for workers.

Sometimes, there are safety guards in place that help to keep body parts and other unsafe objects out of the impact zone. These should be tamper proof so that workers can’t disable or move them. When the nature of the machine makes this impossible, workers should always remain focused on what they are doing so they can avoid accidentally suffering an injury.

Addressing injuries when they occur

When an injury occurs, emergency medical care may be necessary. Having a first aid kit handy is beneficial since it enables people to help the person while they await medics. Nobody who is injured by moving parts of a machine should skip getting medical care.

Sometimes, they are concerned about the cost, but this is why workers’ compensation coverage exists. The coverage takes care of medical care costs so the injured worker can focus on healing. There is also the possibility of temporary disability payments if the employee can’t come back to work quickly.

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