North Carolina workers injured on the job, fatality results

Many people may not consider the many sacrifices that go into the construction of a new building or other structure. Some may even think that workers on the project must not do much because it can take a long time for completion. However, it is not unusual for workers to lose their lives from being injured on the job while trying to complete these projects.

It was recently reported that one worker was killed and two others were injured in a construction accident in North Carolina. The individuals were working on a project to build an apartment complex, and at least one of the individuals was working in an area where a retaining wall was being built. Apparently, the incident involved a dirt collapse in that area where digging was taking place.

Exact details on the accident were not given in the report. It was also not clear how the injured workers were involved, but the report did state that one worker’s body had to be recovered later. Two other workers were also injured, but it was not mentioned what types of injuries they may have suffered in the event.

The two injured workers and the family of the person killed are undoubtedly feeling strong emotions after this North Carolina tragedy. Being injured on the job is never an easy experience to go through, and when a person dies because of those injuries, the family can be left with many questions. Additionally, financial hardships are not uncommon, and the individuals affected by this event may find it in their best interests to gain information on workers’ compensation and how it may be able to help.

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