Construction accident claims life, leaves others injured

After a serious accident takes place, it is common for people to want answers. Unfortunately, after events like a construction accident, answers to why and how an accident happened are often not readily available. Workers who were injured or families of workers who were killed may need more answers than most, especially when it comes to workers’ compensation.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a work-related accident that recently occurred in another state. According to reports, three workers had been on the ground level of a building when debris from the third story fell and hit the workers. It was unclear what type of construction was taking place at the time or what the workers themselves were doing.

One of the workers suffered critical injuries, and he later succumbed to those injuries. The other two workers were also injured, but those injuries were not considered life-threatening. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration came to the scene, but details on what caused the incident were not given in the report. The district attorney for the area stated that it was “just a horrible accident.”

While any construction accident can be horrible, it is still important to find underlying causes to such events in hopes of preventing them in the future. If North Carolina workers suffer injuries on the job or families lose loved ones, it is wise to understand how workers’ compensation benefits may apply to them. Applying for and obtaining financial assistance through workers’ comp is not always easy, and understanding the process may help interested parties.

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