Construction accident leads to fatal blunt force trauma

Workers’ compensation can provide help in ways that many North Carolina residents may not realize. For instance, if a worker suffers fatal injuries in a construction accident, it is possible that the individual’s family may qualify for workers’ comp benefits. Survivor’s benefits are useful to loved ones faced with this difficult ordeal.

One family in another state may be trying to determine whether they qualify for such help after a recent accident that proved fatal. Reports indicated that a man was working on a construction site when he suffered blunt force trauma after an object fell from a crane. The object apparently struck the man on the head, resulting in critical injuries. Though he was taken to an area hospital, he died a few days after the incident.

The worker was reported as being 28 years old, and it did not appear that any other workers were injured at the time. An investigation into the accident was opened by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. However, OSHA officials did not disclose any information regarding the event due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Unfortunately, no worker is immune to potentially suffering fatal injuries in a construction accident. Though families may not keep this thought at the forefront because it is so nerve-wracking, it is wise to have information about steps to take in the event of a fatal work-related incident. North Carolina families who have lost loved ones as the result of such events may want to discuss the possibility of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits with knowledgeable attorneys who could provide valuable insight.

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