Proper lifting techniques can minimize back injury risks

People who work in shipping centers often have to lift heavy packages. While this is a part of the job, it can lead to back and other injuries if it isn’t done properly. Unfortunately, many people who suffer this injury will end up missing work, which can lead to a loss of productivity. It can also mean costly medical bills for the injured worker. Fortunately, workers’ compensation comes into the picture in these cases.

The onus is on the employer to ensure that their employees remain safe at work, but the workers can take steps to ensure that they aren’t suffering injury. Proper lifting practices can help people to avoid cumulative trauma injuries and accident injuries.

Know your limits and proper lifting techniques

Each person has their own personal limits. The total amount you can safely lift might not be the same as another person. You shouldn’t try to push your limit, so make sure that you look at other options for helping you. When you do lift, make sure that you are using proper techniques. This includes using your knees to lift instead of your back. Try to get as close to the object you are lifting as possible. Being able to get a strong grip on it and having it secured can easily improve your safety.

Get help for heavy or bulky loads

Team lifting is useful. If something is too bulky, heavy or big, make sure that you get help from someone else to try to lift it. It is always better to get help so that you can avoid suffering an injury that will take you out of commission.

Use lifting devices

If another person isn’t available to help you lift the item, use a lifting device. Pushcarts, hand trucks, forklifts, cranes and lifts can all help to move heavy objects. Some of these might require you to have specialized training so make sure you have that, if necessary. Using them safely is critical.

Risks that you might face

Some of the biggest risks that you face when you are lifting come from improper body mechanics. Make sure you don’t overreach or twist when you are lifting or trying to get to the object you are picking up. Another big risk is not taking breaks frequently. Cumulative trauma injuries come from lifting in the same manner repeatedly, especially when the movements are done improperly.

Workers who are injured while lifting items might need to seek medical care. This means that workers’ compensation is necessary since the injury occurred at work. If the injury is severe, this can also help you with partial wage replacement benefits if you aren’t able to return to work right away.

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