Man nearly loses arm after being injured on the job

The types of injuries North Carolina workers suffer can significantly impact recovery. In some cases, injuries may only cause minor setbacks, and in others, wounds can cause permanent damage. When a person is injured on the job, he or she undoubtedly hopes for the best, but it can be difficult to know what challenges will result until later.

One worker in another state undoubtedly has concerns about his recovery after a recent work-related accident. Reports indicated that the man was operating a crane on a construction project and was working on some sort of cable lubrication task. While working, a cable somehow cut the man under his arm, resulting in a serious wound. The incident almost resulted in the arm being severed.

The worker called 911, and other workers apparently did not know that an accident occurred until the emergency crews arrived at the scene. The man had been working nearly 300 feet in the air in the crane, and firefighters had to send up supplies and then lower the man using a pulley system after he was placed on a stretcher. After being lowered, he was taken to a medical center for surgery.

While the best-case scenario is always hoped for after being injured on the job, the outcomes are not always predictable. North Carolina workers who suffer work-related injuries will certainly want to discuss their injuries with medical professionals to determine how they will affect their lives. They may also find it useful to discuss the process of applying for workers’ compensation with legal professionals to ensure that they correctly work toward the benefits they deserve.

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