North Carolina worker suffers workplace injuries in stabbing

Essentially, every job comes with risks. Some people may face relatively minor risks, and others may face obvious hazards simply due to the nature of their employment positions. Still, individuals who suffer workplace injuries may find it useful to explore their workers’ compensation options.

One worker in North Carolina may be focusing on recovery and on the potential to obtain workers’ comp benefit after a recent injury-causing incident. According to reports, the person is a security guard at a department store, and while the worker was on duty, two women apparently attempted to steal items from the store. The security officer confronted one of the suspects, and an altercation ensued outside the store. One of the women apparently had a weapon, which she used during the struggle.

The security officer was stabbed in the lower stomach during the altercation. The two shoplifting suspects did not remain at the scene, and at the time of the report, they had not yet been apprehended. The security officer suffered serious injuries and was taken to an area hospital for treatment. It was noted that the worker was expected to survive.

Though workplace injuries can range in severity, cases like this one can leave workers facing a number of serious issues. This North Carolina worker may have a long road of recovery ahead, and during that time, worries regarding medical bills and lost wages may arise. Fortunately, this individual may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits that could help address those financial woes. Gaining information on how to apply and the possible benefits may prove useful to the employee.

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