Worker injured on the job after person steals truck

Going to work is a task that many North Carolina residents may feel is a mundane part of their day. Of course, a typical, mundane day could quickly turn into one that is much more eventful, though not necessarily in a good way. Unfortunately, many people end up injured on the job due to unexpected events.

It was recently reported that one worker in another state suffered injuries after a situation that was likely not anticipated. The individual was reported as being a concrete worker and was performing work-related duties that involved the use of a saw. The saw was attached to a nearby truck by a hose, and while the individual was working, a person got into the truck and stole it. The saw twisted as the vehicle drove away, and the worker suffered a hand injury as a result.

It was unclear whether there were other workers at the location at the time of the incident. Nonetheless, authorities were alerted to the situation and were able to track the vehicle to another state. Law enforcement departments from both states were working to track the vehicle at the time of the report.

While authorities focus on finding the truck thief, the worker injured in this incident will certainly want to focus on recovering from the injuries. Being injured on the job can be a frightening experience for anyone no matter the circumstances under which the incident occurred. Additionally, financial hardships may result from medical bills and lost wages, which can create more stress. Fortunately, many North Carolina workers who have been injured in work-related accidents may qualify for financial assistance through workers’ compensation, and information on this option may be helpful.

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