Worker trapped under rebar in construction accident

No North Carolina employee wants to be the injured victim in a work-related accident. Unfortunately, this is the outcome for many people in the construction industry when heavy materials or equipment are involved in a construction accident. Often, the resulting injuries can prove serious and leave workers with many questions about recovery and possible compensation.

One worker in another state undoubtedly has a lot on his mind after recently being injured in a work-related accident. According to reports, the man was working on a 10-story apartment building as part of a construction crew when a section of reinforcing iron collapsed onto several workers. Emergency crews were called and were first told that over 20 workers had been trapped in the collapse. Fortunately, the majority of the workers were able to free themselves before firefighters arrived at the scene.

However, one man was trapped under the rebar and had to be extricated by firefighters. A mechanical saw was used to cut through the reinforcing iron in order to rescue the man. After the rescue, a medical helicopter was used to transport him to the hospital for treatment of his serious injuries. It was noted that he was conscious and alert during the rescue.

Serious injuries of any kind can be a major setback, and when the injuries result from a construction accident, it is important to understand the kind of support workers may have after such an event. In particular, North Carolina workers may have an interest in workers’ compensation benefits. Though these benefits can prove immensely useful during recovery and beyond, application denials and other hurdles can come about. Fortunately, individuals could obtain help from attorneys for any difficulties they may face during the process.

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