2 North Carolina workers injured on the job in scaffolding fall

It is easy for people to not anticipate sudden events. When accidents happen so quickly that most people do not even have time to react, it is not uncommon for serious injuries to result. Unfortunately, a person’s normal workday could easily take a turn for the worse when he or she is injured on the job due to an unexpected incident.

According to reports, two North Carolina workers were injured while working on a weatherproofing project at an office building. The individuals were working to caulk windows several floors up on the outside of the building and were utilizing scaffolding to reach the necessary areas. However, a chunk of concrete fell from the building where the scaffolding had been secured. The concrete then hit the scaffolding and caused it to fall multiple floors.

The incident resulted in two workers being injured and taken to a medical center. One worker’s injuries were considered minor, but the other worker was apparently hit by debris and was unconscious when emergency crews arrived. At the time of the report, the workers’ exact conditions were not available. It was noted that a third worker who was on the scaffolding did not suffer any injuries.

These North Carolina workers may find it in their best interests to determine whether they may qualify for workers’ compensation. Being injured on the job is no easy matter to address, and the aftermath can cause significant setbacks, especially for those with serious injuries. Gaining information on these benefits and how to apply may help them as they work to recover.

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