Man injured at work after arm gets caught in machine

Working around any type of machine has its risk. North Carolina residents who work in industrial settings and come in contact with various machines likely understand that they face a particular workplace hazard. Unfortunately, being injured at work due to a machine can lead to substantial hardships for the affected workers.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state was injured in an industrial accident. The man worked in a paper manufacturing facility, and while he was presumably carrying out work-related duties, his arm became stuck in a piece of machinery. It was not mentioned what type of machinery was involved, what it did or how the man’s arm became stuck. It did not appear that anyone else was involved in the accident.

Emergency crews came to the scene, and the man was transported to one hospital before being airlifted to another. Though his injuries were not considered life-threatening, it was unclear what exact harm he suffered as a result of the incident. Comments from a human resources official for the company simply indicated that an investigation into the event was underway.

Being injured at work under any circumstances can lead to tremendous amounts of concern. Certainly, any injured workers are concerned about their injuries and recovery, but they are likely also concerned about how they will handle the medical expenses and other costs associated with the resulting injuries. After such an event, it is often wise to injured North Carolina workers to explore their options for possibly obtaining workers’ compensation benefits to help with such issues.

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