Sanitation worker injured on the job after helium tank explodes

It is not unusual for North Carolina residents and people elsewhere to not give much thought to what they put in their trash. Certainly, some people may be avid recyclers and give away items that could be reused, but often, when someone considers something trash, it goes in the trash. Unfortunately, if an item is placed in the trash when it should have been disposed of otherwise, a sanitation worker could wind up injured on the job.

This type of situation recently affected a sanitation worker in another state. The worker was presumably collecting trash and putting it into the compacting area of the garbage truck when the incident occurred. A helium tank used to inflate balloons had been placed in a plastic trash bag along with other discarded materials, which were all placed in the truck. When the garbage truck began to compress the trash, the helium tank exploded.

The incident resulted in one worker being injured in the explosion. He suffered injuries to his neck, eye, shoulders and chest along with ringing in his ears. The exact extent of the injuries was not detailed in the report. The report did request that individuals pay closer attention to what they put in the trash and how it could pose dangers to sanitation workers.

Being injured on the job in any type of scenario can cause considerable setbacks for workers. If North Carolina employees have suffered harm in the course of their work-related duties, they may have reason to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can often help injured workers make ends meet and address medical expenses during an already difficult time.

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