Airline flight attendants have a right to workers’ compensation

As in any other profession, airline workers have a right to workers’ compensation in North Carolina. Baggage handlers, aircraft maintenance, and other areas may seem to meet the traditional idea of heavy labor.

Airline flight attendants, by contrast, may seem to have an easier job, but such is not always the case.

The golden age was not always golden for airline flight attendants

In the past, the airlines subjected flight attendants to conditions that would be illegal today.  Strict height, weight and age requirements were in place. The airlines only hired single females to be “stewardesses,” as they called them in those days.

Times have changed, but do not expect your company to have your best interests at heart

These requirements may not fly with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in today’s world. But if you are a flight attendant, do not expect the company to always be on your side.

Flight attendants work hard on their jobs. They are subject to hazards such as cabin air quality, injury during turbulence and combative passengers. They can also suffer repetitive stress injuries and back and neck injuries from all sorts of causes. These include helping passengers who need help sitting down and getting up.

If these job-related conditions caused your injury, the law entitles you to compensation for medical expenses, a portion of lost wages and possible disability.

Flight attendants with North Carolina workers’ compensation cases need representation

If you live in North Carolina, a disputed workers’ compensation case goes before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. An attorney will be there to represent your airline. If you do not have an attorney of your own, you may be at a disadvantage.

Your lawyer should have experience with North Carolina workers’ compensation law. He or she should also have experience dealing with airlines. As an employee who travels constantly, finding quality medical care and making the company pay for it is something you may have to fight for.

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