Job-related hazards in the grocery industry

While many people realize the risks that construction workers, road crews and other workers face, some do not understand just how dangerous it is to work in a grocery store. In these environments, there are many hazards that threaten the safety of staff members.

Unfortunately, many workers are injured in job-related accidents within supermarkets and grocery stores. Whether you stock shelves or work as a cashier, it is imperative to recognize these hazards and address an accident in the right manner.

Falling down and falling objects

In grocery stores, slip-and-fall accidents are especially common. Often, floors become slick after a customer spills food or a beverage on the floor. When a worker is in a rush, they face an even higher chance of falling down on a slick surface. These falls often result in broken bones and other injuries, such as brain trauma.

On top of these concerns, falling objects (such as heavy items that fall off of a shelf) are another risk factor to watch out for. Getting hit in the head by a falling item can cause serious head and neck injuries. We have handled cases for retail employees who hurt their shoulders and knees handling merchandise. There are a lot of ways to get hurt in a store!

Reporting an accident

After an accident on the job, it is imperative for grocery store workers to immediately report the accident, and their injury, no matter how minor, to their supervisor. The law requires the worker to file a written incident report of the accident and injury with the employer within 30 days. Failure to do so may cause your workers’ compensation claim to be denied for “late notice.”

Workers’ comp provides for wage loss replacement checks and all medical expenses, so it is worth the effort to file the written report with the employer, even if you think the injury is very minor and will not require any treatment. Sometimes injuries get worse and do become significant, so get that report filed!

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