Severe foot injuries can end your career

Depending on the circumstances, your job may require a lot of walking and heavy lifting.

Foot injuries can vary, but workers can face substantial pain and disability if their injury is severe. If someone drops a heavy object on your foot or runs your foot over with a vehicle, or if you fall off a height and land wrong, the damage could be career-ending.

How can foot damage cause issues? 

Your feet play a critical role in your job functions if you work in the manufacturing or trucking industry. If your foot is severely fractured or broken, this is how it could impact your occupational capabilities:

  • It can be excruciating to walk to and from places, even small distances.
  • Putting pressure on a fractured or broken foot may cause it to become deformed.
  • It can make it impossible to drive or operate machinery.
  • Your foot pain could cause you to lose balance quickly.

Are these injuries covered by workers’ comp?

Injuries by accident that occur at work are generally going to be covered under NC Workers’ Compensation. If you endure a serious on-the-job foot injury as the result of an accident, this injury may entitle you to medical treatment and lost wage replacement under our workers’ compensation laws.

With the proper treatments you may get a full recovery. If your injury disables you from your previous work, you may be able to receive vocational training to help you find another career in spite of the foot injury.

However, your employer or insurance company may try to short you on your benefits in an attempt to protect their bottom line. Honestly, they only care about the money. Luckily, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, such as Bob Bollinger, can help get you the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

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