Lineworkers are more susceptible to burns and electrocution

Powerline workers have a noble profession. Not only do they keep our communities’ lights on, but they also maintain the systems that keep technology access flowing. Unfortunately, these workers are also susceptible to hazardous conditions.

Many powerline workers spend their days at high heights working long hours with high-voltage electricity, sometimes at hundreds of feet in the air.

Electric shock can have damaging effects

Unlike other types of burns, electric shock can hurt both internal and external tissue. While internal damage may not be visible, it can damage a person’s organs. Powerline workers can receive both, as powerlines hold hundreds of thousands of volts. A powerful shock can lead to breathing problems, muscle pain, contractions and even cardiac arrest.

How can powerline workers get shocked?

Many electric companies have policies and procedures that attempt to minimize the risk of electric shock. However, electrocution injuries can still occur if:

  • Workers come in contact with live electrical cables—in spite of their protective gear.
  • Workers are out in extreme weather conditions.
  • The worker’s employer doesn’t provide them with quality/updated/compatible safety gear.
  • Workers or supervisors don’t receive proper training.
  • Workers aren’t using the correct tools.
  • The bucket truck malfunctions.
  • Coworkers aren’t looking after one another—sometimes the “qualified observer” gets distracted or overwhelmed and fails to warn the lineman on the pole about an imminent danger.

Valuable workers deserve quality coverage

Powerline injuries can leave workers with prolonged disabilities and needs for medical treatment.  Because of this, they may be entitled to ongoing compensation benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation specialist attorney will advocate for these injured power workers.   They can hold workers’ employers and insurance companies accountable to provide proper medical support and disability compensation.   Attorney Bob Bollinger has experience handling injury claims for lineman and other power workers.


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