Logistics and warehouse workers and permanent knee injuries

If you work in logistics, you face unique and sometimes hazardous working conditions. Warehouse employees regularly bend, twist and lift heavy loads. Truck drivers operate pedals, climb in and out of trucks and jump from trailer beds. Such activities can injure your knees.

Unfortunately, many serious knee injuries require surgery. Recovery may take months or even years. In some cases, full recovery may be impossible and you may never return to your job. If you suffered a debilitating permanent knee injury at work, seek help from someone who cares about you and understands your situation.

ACL and PCL tears

Have you heard of a torn anterior or posterior cruciate ligament ending an athlete’s career? It may end yours as well. An ACL or PCL tear that is not fully corrected may leave you unable to kneel, move laterally or walk without pain.

A doctor often orders an MRI scan to diagnose an ACL or PCL tear and evaluate its severity. Bruised bones and damaged cartilage may accompany cruciate ligament tears. Successful treatment may include surgery followed by extensive physical therapy.

Meniscus tears

If you heard a pop while squatting or twisting, you may have torn your meniscus. Because meniscus tears are not immediately debilitating, you may have finished your shift and reported to work in the days following the injury.

Do not let your ability to work fool you — a meniscus tear can be very serious. Your injury may require an orthopedic surgeon to repair or remove damaged tissue. Rehabilitation can take months, and even then you may never regain full range of motion. You may experience chronic pain for years.

No matter what your injury, seek medical attention early. Concern over medical bills should not prevent you from getting the proper care.

Knee Injuries require an “INJURY BY ACCIDENT” to be covered!

Not all on-the-job injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. For the knees and most other body parts, an “injury by accident” needs to occur to get you covered. An “accident” is anything out of the ordinary that happens, that causes your injury. An “accident” can be a “slip, trip or fall” but it can also be something more subtle.

When your boss, the doctor, and the insurance investigator ask you how you got hurt, be sure to describe the unusual thing that happened that caused your injury! Failure to describe an “accident” will cause your case to be denied, and it is hard to win a case in court when you did not give all those details in the beginning.

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