4 types of severe TBIs for construction workers

Brains play a critical role in our daily lives. They control our thoughts, feelings and central nervous system. If it endures any damage, the body can’t function properly. No matter a person’s occupation, a healthy brain is critical for their success. Unfortunately, some people’s jobs put their brains at risk of severe damage, like a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

What is a traumatic brain injury and what causes them?

TBIs occur when someone endures a sudden violent blow to the head. For instance, construction workers could get a TBI if they get hit by a blunt object or fall from a high enough height. Some TBIs, like concussions, are relatively mild and heal quickly. Unfortunately, the heavy equipment and lack of safety protection found on some construction worksites can put people at risk.

Here are a few they could get:

  • Brain Contusions: Contusions are severe and often require immediate medical attention. They occur when the brain bleeds or bruises from blunt trauma to the skull. Construction workers could get a contusion if a large and heavy object falls on their head, even if they’re wearing a hardhat.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries: Axonal injuries are similar to concussions. However, axonal injuries can hinder communication and chemical processes, which are all critical for a brain’s functionality. Workers with axonal injuries should also receive immediate medical treatment. If not, they could result in permanent damage or death.
  • Coup Countre-coup injuries: These types of TBIs can impact both sides of the brain. Coup Countre-coup injuries can cause two sides of the brain to hit the inside of the skull.   The brain sits in fluid, and it can be jostled inside the skull, such that it hits the front of the skull moving forward, and then hits the back of the skull moving backwards, as in a whiplash injury.   This could happen to a construction worker if they fall off a building onto a hard surface, or in an auto accident.  In some cases, these countre-coup movements can cause additional contusions and severe injuries.
  • Penetration injuries: Penetration can be severe and deadly for construction workers. It can occur when an object hits the skull so hard that it pierces the bone. If construction workers get stabbed in the skull by an object, they should seek immediate medical attention. However, surgery can sometimes make matters worse.

Injured workers don’t have to go it alone

No matter the impact, TBIs can impose substantial hardship on workers and their families. These injuries can impact a person’s physical and mental ability to perform their duties, making it harder to get back to work. Fortunately, those who suffer TBIs at work can get the coverage they need with the help of a trusted legal partner.  Attorney Bob Bollinger has experience with clients who have suffered head injuries at work.

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