Can a crush injury to the foot end your career?

Every workplace has its fair share of potential risks and health hazards. Unfortunately, some of these risks are universal and exist no matter what job you hold. A number of these universal risks can also hold severe consequences.

For example, if you work at any location that has heavy objects, it is possible to sustain a crush injury. These injuries can cause massive damage to your body, especially vulnerable and delicate parts like your feet.

The extent of the damage

Podiatry Today takes a look at crush injuries to the foot. Even if you wear the appropriate safety gear, it is hard to predict when a crush injury will happen or what part of the foot it might affect. For example, steel toed boots do not cover the entire foot. Your toes are the most vulnerable point, however, and also the most likely to suffer from damage.

The extent of the damage depends on several factors. This includes the size and weight of the object that crushed your foot, where it hit and how long it was on your foot. Soft tissues may burst with time, and crush injuries can even impact the bone if there is enough pressure and weight behind it.

Potential repercussions

In severe cases of crush injury, it is possible that the victim will need amputation. Sometimes, the crushed areas are too far gone for doctors to save. Necrosis can also set in very fast, damaging and ruining tissue and threatening the surrounding area.

Needless to say, the amputation of part of a foot, or the entire foot, can have a big impact on your work life. Even without amputation, it takes months to heal from such a catastrophic injury. This can set you behind in your career path. This is also why many people suffering from crush injuries seek compensation in the meantime.

A crush injury will almost always be an “injury by accident.” An “injury by accident” is required under NC law in order to get the injury covered under workers’ compensation. The benefits available for a serious crush injury are payment of all medical treatment, payment of lost wage benefits while you are recovering, and payment of permanent disability if the healed injury impacts your earning capacity or results in permanent damage or impairment to the injured body part. If you have suffered a crush injury and would like to find out how to access all of your workers’ compensation benefits, contact attorney Bob Bollinger for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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