Do I have a serious shoulder injury?

Rotator cuff issues are common with shoulder injuries. It can seem mild at first, but the pain can progress over time, making it harder to recover and return to work.

According to the Mayo Clinic, ignoring a rotator cuff injury could result in severe and sometimes permanent damage, especially if you tear your shoulder before you fully heal. Depending on the circumstances, surgery and physical therapy may be necessary to recover from your injury fully. However, this can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that insurance doesn’t always cover.

What signs should I watch out for?

At first, rotator cuff injuries can cause a dull pain, which you may notice when trying to lift your arm. And if you feel arm weakness or a limited range in motion, this can be a cause for concern. If the pain doesn’t go away with proper treatment and medication, you may want to talk with your health care provider.

Possible issues

Severe rotator cuff issues can make moving your arms difficult and provide other complications. In some cases, it can even spread to other joints. If it gets bad enough, you may need your entire shoulder joint replaced. You may also end up with a frozen shoulder if you stay immobile due to the pain.

Severe shoulder injuries can keep workers on the sidelines

Shoulder damage can seem less dangerous than other injuries. However, depending on its severity, it can pose adverse burdens on workers and their families. The pain can be so unbearable that it keeps the person out of work when they can’t afford to. Luckily, an attorney from the Bollinger Law Firm can work with you to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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