Do you need help adjusting your budget after your work injury?

Your recent work injury left you unable to fulfill your job duties. Your North Carolina employer has workers’ compensation coverage, but it may not be enough to cover your bills while you recover.

Learn how to make the most of any workers’ comp benefits that you receive. Adjusting your budget can help ease your financial anxiety so that you can fully focus on getting back to work.

Draft a new budget

Now is the perfect time to look over your current budget and decide how to decrease unnecessary spending. For every expense on your budget, ask yourself if you truly need it.

You may no longer use a gym membership if you cannot move around as much as you used to. Put your streaming services on hold and check out books, music and movies from your local library to save money. Call up your internet, insurance coverage and utilities providers to see if you can get reduced rates on your services.

Make good use of coupons and cashback apps

Groceries are certainly a necessity, but paying more than necessary for them is not. Look for coupons and money-saving apps you can put to good use for future grocery runs. Most grocery stores have discount cards that you can use, but it may be possible to save even more money by combining the card with grocery store apps.

Additionally, you can use cashback apps to snap images of your grocery store receipts to get money back on your purchases. Shopping at local warehouse stores and buying in bulk can also help you save money on groceries.

Keep up with debt payments

You may have credit card and other debt payments that you cannot put on hold while you recover from your injury. Take care of these financial obligations first, as avoidable late fees and penalties can eat away at your limited income.

Do yourself a favor and learn how to stretch every penny of your workers’ compensation benefits. You never know whether your benefits may suddenly decrease, so prepare for every possibility.


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