How can I prevent serious injuries as a masonry worker?

Construction in general is a hazardous business, but masonry workers face a specific array of challenges. Like any of the other construction professions there are the normal collection of superficial injuries: cuts are common, for instance, as is abrasion from a variety of surfaces.

However, it is also possible for a masonry worker to sustain career- or even life-ending injuries on the job. According to Contractors Insurance, masonry contractors have higher injury rates than the national average, meaning that masons should make sure to follow safety precautions.

What are the most common injuries for masonry workers?

By far, slips, trips, and falls account for many masons’ injuries, ranging from comparatively modest to deadly. Falling objects also pose a serious risk for masonry workers, particularly if the objects drop from a great height.

A somewhat-unique injury masons might sustain is an injury from a falling wall. Whether the mason built the wall poorly and it is falling on accident or if the wall is being knocked down on purpose, a masonry workers’ proximity to falling stone is very dangerous. Finally, it is also possible to sustain serious respiratory injury from breathing in dust frequently.

What safety precautions should masonry workers take?

It is always a good idea to wear full safety gear on a worksite. This means choosing gloves and clothing that eliminates the possibility of anything coming in contact with your skin, wearing sturdy work boots, and making sure to wash your hands at the end of your shift.

Additionally, some work sites necessitate wearing respiratory protection equipment. This can help prevent you breathing in dust and causing irreparable damage.

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