Identifying a herniated disk after a workplace accident

Workers are injured on the job in many different ways and some fields are especially dangerous, such as construction, trucking and manufacturing. Many workers suffer herniated disks as a result of a mishap while performing their job duties and these injuries are very serious. Aside from high levels of pain, some people take on costly medical expenses as a result of their injury and many are never able to return to their career ever again.

Sometimes, it is difficult to identify a herniated disk in the immediate aftermath of an on-the-job mishap. However, workplace accident victims need to carefully look after their physical well-being, especially since these injuries frequently lead to a long-term inability to work.

Diagnosing a herniated disk

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, herniated disks often cause back pain or sciatica. When a disk ruptures due to excessive wear, age or a workplace accident, nerve irritation occurs and this is often very painful. Medical professionals are able to diagnose herniated disks through physical exams as well as imaging tests such as the MRI.   An X-Ray will not always show a problem with the disk, which is a soft tissue.  Promptly identifying herniated disks is crucial if you want to increase your likelihood of recovery.

Addressing a herniated disk

Those who are suffering as a result of a herniated disk need to address the injury properly. Sometimes, with proper treatment, people are able to recover and return to their former position. Some treatment methods include surgery, therapy, rest and medication. However, some people are never able to work in a particular field ever again and it is crucial for injured workers to explore other options on the table, such as workers’ compensation benefits.  If you are diagnosed with a disk injury, you need to be treated by a spine specialist-either an orthopedic or neurosurgical medical practice.

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