Serious workplace incidents in North Carolina

People in any line of work may experience a job-related accident or develop an illness related to their employment. In these situations, the workers’ compensation program may provide useful benefits, including wage loss benefits. 

For some people, injuries or medical conditions may prevent them from ever working again. Other people die. Workers should have an understanding of how many people fall into these categories. 

Workplace fatalities in North Carolina 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 178 people died in workplace accidents in North Carolina or due to occupational conditions in 2018. This year represented more occupational fatalities across the state in the 10 years spanning 2009 through 2018 except for 2017. 

In 2017, North Carolina recorded 183 work-related deaths. In the decade from 2009 through 2018, it was 2013 that saw the fewest occupational fatalities with 109 people dying that year. 

Factors in workplace fatalities 

Slips, trips or falls accounted for 13% of the work-related deaths in North Carolina in 2018 as did contact with equipment or other objects. Transportation was the single biggest factor in occupational deaths, accounting for 47% of the lives lost that year. 

Non-fatal injuries in North Carolina 

BLS data shows that 73,400 people experienced some form of non-fatal injury related to their employment in 2018. Of those, 40,500 employees lost time at work due to their injuries. 

Permanent disability determinations

The North Carolina Industrial Commission reviews injured employees’ cases to determine the extent of any disability and the accompanying benefits. This includes the determination that a person may not be able to work again and qualify for permanent disability benefits. 


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