The physical and emotional toll of limb loss

Limb loss on the job can be devastating. Especially for those in manufacturing, trucking and construction, as amputation can hinder their personal and professional abilities. Prosthetic limbs aren’t cheap. According to a recent report, the average cost of a prosthetic leg is between $5000-$50,000. That’s not a price many North Carolinians can pay out of pocket.  Fortunately, NC workers’ comp law will cover these costs.

It can hinder day-to-day living

Workers’ lives can change forever if they lose a limb. Depending on the circumstances, limb loss can make it harder to:

  • Balance one’s body correctly.
  • Pick up and set down objects.
  • Clean, cook and do other essential chores.
  • Drive to and from work.
  • Perform ambidextrous tasks.
  • Run errands.

On top of dramatic changes in their daily living, many amputees can’t go back to work in their original field. When people are physically unable to do their jobs, this can lead to a loss of self-purpose and an onslaught of other mental health issues.

Experiencing pain beyond amputation

Sometimes, limb pain can last long after an incident. This is called “phantom pain,” and it’s common for many amputees. This extreme discomfort can occur shortly after surgery. The length of pain can vary. Some victims feel it for six months; others feel pain for several years after amputation.

Financial burdens can add up over time

Despite potential wage loss, workers may still need a prosthetic. Unfortunately, the cost of a prosthetic limb may only be a fraction of a victim’s medical expenses. In some cases, amputees may have to attend weeks or months of physical therapy. They may also have to purchase new prosthetics to match their physique over time.

Workers who lose limbs deserve compensation

Amputation can take a substantial physical and mental toll on workers. If victims lose their limbs on the job, they could receive compensation benefits. An attorney at the Bollinger Law Firm can work with amputees to get them fair coverage. Our experienced and robust legal representation can help ease some of the emotional and financial strains brought on by this devastating injury.


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