Top back injuries incurred on the job

Back injuries are a common problem faced by North Carolina workers. Back pain can happen from a single injury or a repetitive motion that leads to chronic problems. Unfortunately, the majority of workers may experience a back injury during their work life. 

The Good Body research experts state that nursing assistants have the most issues regarding their back of any other profession. Over one million annual workplace injuries involve the back with 5% resulting in disabling or chronic conditions. Back injuries account for 1 in 5 workplace injuries. 

Nursing assistants top the list, but stock & order fillers, laborers such as material movers, maintenance workers and janitors all experience a high percentage of back injuries due to work-related tasks. A poor workplace design may account for a higher than the average number of injuries. 

OSHA states that handling materials manually account for the majority of workplace lower-back injuries. Other possible factors include job dissatisfaction, aging population, congenital defects, workplace hazard awareness, repetitive sitting or standing tasks and less exercise. Back pain is usually a common symptom of a potential injury to the discs, muscles or tendons. 

Cumulative effects of stress, forceful lifting movements, poor posture, heavy lifting and poor workstation design can contribute to back injuries. How a person lifts while on the job can affect their risk of a back injury. Lifting and bending, twisting, reaching or repetitive motions can cause problems. 

OSHA recommends employers evaluate how works manually lift objects and walk among their workers. Proper lifting techniques, better posture and physical health can help reduce the risk of back injuries while at work. 


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