Can you get workers’ compensation for a tendon sheath injury?

Not all work-related injuries in North Carolina are caused by sudden accidents. Repetitive actions can cause problems over time, some of which can become severe and even impede your ability to earn a living. What can you do if you can’t work?

Tenosynovitis can threaten your career

Some jobs with repetitive movements can cause tenosynovitis. Tenosynovitis, sometimes simply called synovitis, is an inflammation of a tendon sheath. It typically stems from an injury to a tendon or its surrounding muscle or bone and can sometimes result in a career-ending injury. Repetitive motions from working on an assembly line, typing and the like can cause this condition. In North Carolina, both work-related tenosynovitis and synovitis are covered as an “occupational disease.”

Those in certain careers are more at risk of developing this condition, including:

• Office workers
• Carpenters and other skilled manual laborers
• Dentists
• Musicians

This condition most often affects tendons in the hands, wrist and feet. In addition to repetitive motions, tenosynovitis can occur when a person endures physical activities or stands in the same position for long periods of time. It can even result from a sudden sprain or strain.

What if you suspect you have tendon sheath inflammation?

If you suspect you have tendon sheath inflammation, get a thorough examination by a doctor and have it treated so that the condition doesn’t progress to a significant work injury requiring surgery. You may need an MRI or an ultrasound to rule out other conditions and confirm the diagnosis.

Even if your condition is not career-ending, getting treatment for tenosynovitis may be covered by your company’s workers’ compensation policy if your doctor indicates that your job caused the condition. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help you prove that your injury was caused by your job so that you can get the money you need.


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