Could knee injuries end a career?

The human body can only take so much stress. Persons who work in physical environments may find their knees start to suffer after years of strain. Even acute knee injuries may happen as avoiding accidents is not always possible. Knee surgery may help a North Carolina employee regain some function, but the surgery and rehab could be very invasive. Sometimes, a return to work may not even be possible.

Jobs, industries and knee troubles

Professional baseball catchers often suffer knee problems from years of crouching. Let those high-profile athletes serve as a warning to people who spend a lot of time standing or otherwise stressing their knees on the job.

People who work in construction, masonry and carpentry greatly outnumber individuals working in professional sports. Home improvement professionals also work at their jobs for far longer years. The same may be true with farmworkers as they also experience knee problems in significant numbers.

Seeking compensation for knee problems

Virtually anyone in any profession could experience problems with his or her knees. Full-time employees capable of claiming workers’ compensation benefits may receive funds to help them when their knee issues become too severe. Unfortunately, a significant work injury requiring surgery may be career-ending.

Workers’ compensation claims could address permanent disabilities. Providing substantial proof of injury may be necessary, so claimants may want to hire an attorney to help with the process. A lawyer may assist a client if the initial claim receives a denial.

Workers’ compensation benefits may not be the only payments an injured employee could claim. Third-party negligence may open doors for personal injury lawsuits. Awards and settlements could help someone who is now unable to work.

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