Do truck drivers have a problem with shoulder injuries?

Truck drivers may keep a lookout for road hazards due to fears of accidents and related injuries. Those who don’t work in the industry might not realize how many other hazards a truck driver faces, however. Slipping while exiting a parked tractor-trailer could lead to several injuries. Other injuries result from accumulated stress. A North Carolina truck driver may start experiencing shoulder problems, and the pain and discomfort might impact the ability to work.

Shoulder troubles add up for truck drivers

Sitting behind the wheel and steering for hours on end could result in physical problems due to repetitive stress. Loading and unloading even lightweight objects may create physical woes. A driver who frequently encounters bent or stiff landing gear in a drop and hook job is even more likely to develop shoulder problems. The arms and shoulders might “give out” under the stress of constant cranking year after year.

truck driver’s shoulders, neck, and arms could suffer problems due to years of stress. One day, the driver may find the pain becomes excruciating, leading to a trip to the doctor’s office.

A driver may then discover the shoulder needs a few days of rest after feeling some pain. With some drivers, the doctor might discover more significant problems with the shoulder. Perhaps surgery becomes an unavoidable option, one that requires extensive recovery and rehab time.

No longer on the road

Professional truck drivers perform long hauls as a career. When they cannot perform their duties, they may have to take time off. Workers’ comp provides one way a trucker could collect funds while awaiting a return to work. Workers’ compensation also addresses permanent disabilities, and such severe injuries may impact truck drivers.

Working hurt could lead to even worse problems. Truck drivers dealing with shoulder and other woes might wish to find out how bad the problem is. The diagnosis may provide evidence for a workers’ compensation claim.

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