Why construction work often leads to back pain

North Carolina construction workers are particularly prone to back pain. This is because of the physical nature of the work, which demands a lot from their bodies. If you work at a construction site, here’s what you need to know.

How does back pain occur in construction work?

Construction workers need to lift, push and pull heavy objects all day long. The nature of the job requires them to be on their feet for extended periods of time as well. All this puts a lot of pressure on workers’ back muscles and discs over the course of years, leading to back pain. All these can lead to workers’ comp claims.

Examples of common back injuries

One of the most common injuries is a herniated disc. This happens when the outer layer of one or more discs tears, causing it to bulge into surrounding tissue and nerves. Another common back injury is a ruptured tendon, which can happen when workers try to lift heavy objects without using their body correctly, or if they take on tasks that require too much effort for them. Other common injuries that can lead to workers’ compensation claims include muscle and ligament sprains as well as fractures from falls.

What workers can do to prevent injuries

The most important thing workers at construction sites need to do is stay aware of their bodies and what they are doing. They should be careful not to overexert themselves, or try lifting objects that seem too heavy for them. If you feel that your job puts too much strain on your body, you should speak with your employer about changing your role.

You also need to be careful of how you use heavy tools and machines, even if they are expertly designed. You can prevent accidents by not using them while tired or distracted, wearing the right protective gear at all times, and making sure that any lifting equipment is in good condition.

And finally, always use good lifting mechanics!  Try to lift heavy objects using the big muscles in your legs, rather than your back muscles.  Lifting with the legs will help you avoid back pain and injuries.

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