What dangers do factory workers face?

Workers in the manufacturing and production industry often have to take days off work because they get injuries on the job. Their most common injuries are sprains and tears. However, they can also get other severe injuries that require expensive medical treatment. When factory workers get hurt, they don’t have to pay for the expenses of their injuries themselves. Instead, they can ask their employer to compensate them for their medical expenses and lost wages.

Possible injuries in factories

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 135,000 people in the manufacturing industry got injuries on the job in 2020. All of their injuries were different and had different causes. Nonetheless, the most common injuries among manufacturing workers, according to the federal data, were:

·       Sprains, strains and tears

Sprains, strains and tears were the most common injuries among workers in the manufacturing industry in 2020. Factory workers usually get these injuries because they have to perform the same tasks repeatedly, which can damage the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Another common reason workers get these injuries is that they stand up for long periods of time or lift heavy objects.

·       Cuts and lacerations

The data from the BLS showed that 11,660 workers in 2020 had to take days off work because they suffered a cut or laceration while performing their daily activities. The machinery in a factory often causes these injuries.

·       Bruises and contusions

It is not rare for things to fall from elevated areas and hit workers below in factories. When this happens, workers can get brain or other severe head injuries. These accidents are common among factory workers because they work with loud machines that don’t allow them to listen if someone warns them about a falling object.

·       Chemical and heat burns

Factory workers often have exposure to flammable, toxic or hot materials, so it is no wonder that burns are some of their most common injuries. Some workers also get serious burns because the factories are very combustible. They can explode easily if something goes wrong.

·       Broken bones

Many factory workers get broken bones from slips and falls caused by a spilled liquid that someone failed to clean. It is also common for workers to suffer from a broken bone when one of their body parts gets entangled in a machine. Ultimately, factory workers can also break a bone if they have a motor vehicle accident (while driving a forklift or truck).

No matter how a worker gets an injury, they deserve compensation from their employer if the accident happened while working. If this happens to you, you must let your employer know about your injury no later than 30 days after the accident. Otherwise, you may lose your right to compensation.

The right of workers

As a worker of North Carolina, you have the right to get compensation from your employer if you get hurt on the job. If you report your injury on time, your employer will have to compensate you for your medical expenses and lost wages. You may also receive vocational rehabilitation services without a cost if you cannot return to work due to your injury. You have the right to get these benefits, and you can fight for them in court if your employer refuses to give them to you.

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