Ballet dancers face risks of career-ending ACL injuries

Sports stars might be the first professionals that come to mind when someone mentions career-ending injuries. Pro athletes are not alone with these fears. Anyone involved in an active, physical profession may worry about knee injuries. A ballet dancer in North Carolina could see career hopes dashed after tearing an ACL, something that could happen due to just one mishap.

Seeking workers’ compensation for a torn ACL

A knee injury when a dancer is rehearsing or performing can be covered in NC Workers’ Compensation only if the knee is “injured by accident.” Something unusual has to happen, something out of the normal routine, for it to get covered. It can be something really small, that the dancer may not automatically think to report. That can be a fatal mistake to their claims. A dancer with an injury should contact a Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law such as Bob Bollinger for advice BEFORE giving the Company’s or Venue’s insurance investigator a “recorded statement” because the questions the dancer will be asked are not designed to get the claim covered but to give the insurance adjuster justification to deny the claim, not pay for medical, and not cover lost wages. The dancer will have to volunteer the details that describe the “accident” because the investigator is not going to ask for those details.

In order to give the important details, the dancer has to know which details are crucial, and that is why they should get a consultation first. These consultations are free, can be done over the phone, only take a few minutes, and will help a dancer get the claim started off correctly.

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