Could construction work lead to career-ending back injuries?

A North Carolina construction site presents many hazards and risks to workers as one mistake could lead to an unexpected back injury. Some workers might receive a surprise diagnosis one day, revealing that years of accumulated stress caught up with them. Back problems, especially disc-related issues, could prove career-ending.

Back pain and career-ending injuries

Hearing a popping sound in the lower back may frighten a worker, who wonders how bad the injury is. A medical examination might reveal that the back suffered little more than a minor sprain, or the problem could be far worse. A minor sprain might require little more than a short rest and recovery period. Severe back injuries, on the other hand, might require surgery and lengthy rehab. If the injury is severe enough, a worker may suffer career-ending paralysis.

Construction workers find themselves at significant risk for back problems since many work long hours and lift heavy objects consistently. Some may fall on the job or get hit by equipment, potentially further aggravating a back problem.

Motor vehicle accidents could happen at a construction site since forklifts, trucks, vans and other vehicles may hit workers. Those involved in such accidents could suffer a terrible spinal injury. Hopefully, proper medical care may help the person recover, but a return to construction work might be impossible.

Workers’ compensation and career-ending injuries

A significant work injury requiring surgery may be career-ending. Although someone might find that surgery allows for returning to normal, routine tasks, performing heavy lifting and other construction site duties might be out of the question. Sadly, some may find themselves unable to work at all even after surgery.

Workers’ compensation or SSDI payments could help someone struggling financially while unable to work. Properly applying for benefits may improve the chances of swift approval.

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